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Friday, February 09, 2007

Class of '07

The teacher screeched a chalked sentence which needed finishing across the board:

'When I grow up I will be...'

She tapped each dot with increasing jollity and wafted up her hand saying 'okay children, lets discuss. Jacob, who do you want to be when you grow up?'
'Miss, I want lots of attention when I'm older. I want everyone to be my bestest friend.'

Guaranteed - little fucking exibitionist. He'll fuck anything that goes to get that - men, women the lot.

'Thank you Jacob. What about you Milly?'
'I want to be an important person. I want to have lots and lots and lots of money.'

Aye, snorting enough coke to keep a hundred African villages in food each week you little bitch. Well, hope you like being drugged and date-raped by city-types sweetie.

'That's lovely Milly. Okay, lets ask Ahmed.'
'I want to be just like my papa miss.'

Fucking suicide bomber, no doubt. There'll be so many mosques in the UK by then you'll need somewhere well chosen not to get innards splattered all over more of your own.

'Right, okay, Edith, now your turn darling.'
'Miss I want to know more words, more things. I want to read people's minds properly.'
'Erm, why?'
'So I can stop them miss. So I don't have to cry anymore. I don't want to cry anymore.'

It's too late for that you stupid fucking cow, too late.



Cocaine Jesus said...

my my. that one will stir up a hornets nest no doubt

RuKsaK said...

it is a little mean isn't it? it's as serious or not as anyone wants to take it. it's really no more offensive than living in the real world is - which is sort of the point. ho hum.

Cocaine Jesus said...

ruk>>>i welcome it. i think that is what art should do. art and comedy at times touch upon things that need a good shake.

alcoholic poet said...

maybe you were just being fascetious and malicious, but the last girl speaks to me. very seriously.

RuKsaK said...

not being facetious or malicious - it just didn't seem out of the bounds of possibility that a teacher might be having such thoughts - not a single one an original one. However, from a writing point of view - I feel it's at best clumsy, at worst pathetic. I would like to say that the teacher is not thinking anything I would think, but equally, not saying anything I've never heard on an almost daily basis nowadays - hence the title.

Prick said...

Get out of my fucking head, you fucking cunt.

alcoholic poet said...

yes, i see your point.