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Monday, February 26, 2007

Our Consuming Fire

But who is stronger than death? Me, evidently . From Crow by Ted Hughes

Brother slew brother.
Someone called it good.
He drags the remains,
tossed on the Mesopotamian funeral pyre.
Flames devour the flesh--
ah, but the soul shifts outside,
curling into the very cup of trembling
planning his revenge,
all in the name of God.


Cocaine Jesus said...

you have previously said how much you like this guy. i know very little about him. he was married to slyvia plath wasn't he?
i saw a film of the two of them. odd couple.
i lke this. is it typical of his work?

Enemy of the Republic said...

Ask Deemikay. He's the pro. It depends on the phase of his work. But I had done a lot of reading of Crow before I wrote this, his darkest work. I don't really know his views on God. I see him as a pantheist.

JohnB said...

In this one he seems to spell out the one of the core ruling facilities of human nature...hypocrisy

piktor said...

Enemy, I like the poem but who wrote it, you or Ted H.
Also, see this:

Enemy of the Republic said...

I wrote it. I just used some Teddy for an epigraph. Love him.

John B: Amen to that, bro..