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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Your Kiss...

your kiss is still melting in my mouth…
like tender cherries soaked
in the sweetest of wines, and
undoing themselves, opening up slowly,
ever so slowly -
enticing the taste buds
teasing them,
playing with them now, you see!
ah, the sweet anguish
of the aftertaste that aches
to taste you…feel you…yet again

your kiss is still melting in my mouth
and melting me within -
wish you would gather me
and sprinkle your dew drops all over
your kiss is still melting in my mouth…



Andrew The Asshole said...

This is quite a seductive poem. I just melted

Prmod Bafna said...

Wow! never have i come across a kiss being depicted so passionately and movingly!! Nice one blue!!

JohnB said...

glorious it would be,
a kiss such as this
would have me on the knee
as if something were amiss ;)

Blue Athena said...

andrew: Ah! :)

prmod: Gee, thanks!

nothing was amiss
in that glorious kiss


redmantissa said...

i can taste this ... its splendid!