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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


{inspired by some bob dylan lyrics,
some words from quasar9 and, also,
the darkness that lurks inside me.
btw - the aberration? its me.}

behold - a soul.
such a frail delicacy -
a beam of light,
trapped inside a dark cell
swallowed –
(or so it would seem) -
into the cavernous unknown.
messenger of despair?
a looking glass
with such fine, exquisite detail,
the labyrinth of a soul.
a constant, habitual display
of every flaw …
every wound we collect …
reflected back to us.
the reflected. the reflection.
one seeps into the other,
in that slow, agonizing
trickle of time.
what’s real? what’s mirage?
impatient desperation
gives birth to thoughts
that eat souls alive.
we fester –
in our madness.
inertia –
a beam of light,
inside a dark cell,
melting back
into the night,
where everything
is made of stone.

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