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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


the fog drifted in like a gauze of mystery.

cotton candy frail.



it swirled and clawed with tendril fingers that etched ephemeral shapes.

sculptures in vapour.

ghost shapes.

spectres of haze and mist and colossal uncertainty formed on the far flung reaches of slowbound smur that wraps its nebulous self around the harsh reality of rocks and trees and darkening undergrowth.

and as swiftly as light crossing a vastness of space two shapes form from the vague and amorphous miasma.

fey shapes.

strange shapes.

sensual and sexless like swans bereft of gender. elegant and dire and without substance or sound.

fell and fearless.

moving as though without movement like mercury across ice.

they see each other and hands raise in silent recognition.

an epicurean signal.

a coitus in semaphore.

they float and circle. filaments in a chimerical ballet.

a vaporous vicissitude that coalecesses and shifts as though governed by the random breath of the breeze.

their tongues touch and slip and slide. their mouths lock.

they embrace and tumble and grow into each other and move like the oceans at the beginning of time when the sun warmed the earth and the ice caps rose and fell and steam rained in a concert of condensation and the spray threw a drizzle that clung like the dew at the birth of creation and all is in echoes and light folds the morning into obscure shapes and designs and then silence explodes from the distant glimmer of clouds.

and they part with a kiss and a sigh.

and their wings spread like the memory of heaven.

and then,

they are gone.


*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Wonderful...I didn't even understand half of the words, but I'm sure that the moment it self become clear as sky to my mind. Somehow it's more clear to capure the rythm, when first you don't understand the content so well..

cocaine jesus said...

angels in the architecture

sex in the sky

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

almoust makes me wish to die

cocaine jesus said...

no. go for the sex every time!

Lx said...

i'll take sex
good piece CJ.

cocaine jesus said...

lx>>>or death whilst in the throes of orgasam!

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Strangle me to death,
if you wish,
you can crush my knees,
but please,
could you fuck me first!:)

cocaine jesus said...

*ItkUpiLLi*>>>as a gentleman i was told to always do as a young lady asks. however, i fancy if i did as you requested, certain parts of my body would be hacked off by various members of my family!!

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

jesus christ! I wouldn't risk your parts, I was the one who put death first...maybe the desperate wish that there could be someting more than just sex....:)

cocaine jesus said...

*ItkUpiLLi*>>>but there is (and i was only joking)something more than sex.

piktor said...

Itkupilli, Cocaine's identity has been found:

Alfie, this you should know about Itkupilly:

Great to know you two guys play here. Now I know where to come at lunch break.

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

LOL!!! Piktor, that was a secret...and now you told everyone... but thanks the infotmation about Alfie...but good to know where I can found you at lunch time, were you go to dinner?

piktor said...

You can find me most days at the temple erected in honor of your beauty- worshiping on my knees, head vowed in devoted reverence to your otherworldly charms and magic. That is all the nourishment I need.

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Piktor, you could write lyrics for the choir of angels!

JohnB said...

very cool reminds me of what could occur within the realm of liberated space, in other words a place that may not even exist but must exist through the sheer truth.

Robert Vandenbego said...

Hi! great header and very interesting blog, I'll be back.
Regards ;0)

Madrid, Spain

cocaine jesus said...

johnb>>>probably the only place that allows real and total freedom, the imagination.

cocaine jesus said...

Robert Vandenbego>>>thank you and welcome

piktor said...

is "smur" a word?

Lx said...

i think robert vandenbego is a robot who spammed you.

cocaine jesus said...


piktor said...

is it a proper name as in Mr. Smur?

broadwaybabe said...

like this alot your a beutiful writer

cocaine jesus said...

piktor>>>son, ihave done all maner of drugs in my life but i would like to know what you are taking cos it sure is fucking odd.

cocaine jesus said...

broadwaybabe>>>thank you.