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Friday, July 07, 2006

Playing Savior

It isn’t every day that I get to play savior. Atleast not to my enemy. But this was different.

It was a warm muggy night, one of those which had me all worried and anxious. I could sense a storm brewing. The sky through my eyes seemed overcast and I couldn’t glimpse a single star in the hazy night. Just when I was settling down into my cozy, damp bed, the sky above me shook. There was a loud rumbling and streaks of white light blitzed past my watery home. I wriggled in delight. The rains were coming! Finally! I gave a loud croak and “ribbit’ in the deepest voice that I could muster. It was time for a song!

For those of you who don’t know me, I love water. It is my life. I like the earth too but there is nothing like being in water. Food is plentiful, so is the company. And I lay my eggs in it. My eyes and nostrils are high up on my face so I can see a lot more than what you could if you were in it. Just imagine gentle ripples on the water as tiny drops fall pitter-patter on the water’s surface. A cool breeze that wafts through the muggy night and a sky lit with a brightness that surpasses that of the moon and the stars.

Okay I am digressing. Coming back to the hot muggy night, it was different. The rain was incessant. Soon the water in my pond was brimming over and the downpour was relentless. I decided to hop onto the foliage besides my home and lay crouched well hidden, while the rain poured down. It certainly felt like the heavens had opened up.

I closed my eyes, hoping for a short snooze when the unbelievable happened. Something or someone fell right onto my back! What on earth could it be? I was so shocked that I leaped right back into my ‘safe haven’ the pond with the “someone” holding onto my wet back for all its life. My bulging eyes rolled upwards as high as they could to catch a glimpse of this object that had “dropped straight from the heavens”.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. But my eyes don’t lie you see. I can see in all directions. It was a rat. Of all the things to land on my back-my ENEMY!!I stayed still, feeling its furry body and its whiskers, my little heart pounding away. It squeaked and said, “I am sorry Mr. Frog to land here uninvited. I mean no harm. I got lost in the deluge and cannot swim. I ran as much as I could and landed right here on your back, the safest place I could find, although it is extremely wet here”.
I croaked deeply not wanting to show my fear or anxiety. I let him be.

The rain poured down and he clung on to me continuing to talk. I croaked and he squeaked and we spent our unusual night together conversing about our lives, our families and whatever came to our weary minds...As dawn broke, the rain ceased and I hopped onto the land with my new found friend. We bid each other goodbye and I don’t mind admitting this, I was a bit teary eyed.

What a different night it had been! Not just the rains but also because I had made a discovery-enemies can make wonderful friends. And just by being a savior for a night.

July 7'2006


Cocaine Jesus said...

that's not's a mouse abd a cute one too. so is this whimsical little tale/tail.

Enemy of the Republic said...

This is great! Forgive me for not commenting earlier.