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Monday, July 03, 2006

never people

somewhere between here and forever, between this point and that is a different place. a place without rain or cloud. without sun or sin or sadness.
just a place.
a different place.
it is where the never people live.

live is not perhaps the right word. observe is. they observe all that there is to see. from the first birth to the final breath they are there and have been there since, well, forever.
they are watching now.
watching you.
and me.
watching us all.

if i could i would ask them but one question.

what would my question be?

why, i would ask them exactly what they thought of the human race having observed them for a millenia.
but sadly, i already think that i know their reply.


Stickleback2 said...

Very profound, and very true!

Cocaine Jesus said...

stickleback2>>>no names. no pack drill eh?

floots said...

i've only been obseving for half a century
suspect i share the view of the never people
nice one

nowheregirl said...

never people in their neverneverland... they must be very strong to withstand watching us human for such a long time....