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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

To my wife

Thank You for believing in me when I fell so low
Thank You for nudging me when I can't shut up
Thank You for trusting when I did not deserve trust
Thank You for holding me when I couldn't hold up
Thank You for seeing me for who I could be, not who I was
Thank You for understanding me when my logic was flawed
Thank You for staying patient when I had no patience left
Thank You for loving me when I felt unlovable
Thank You for supporting me when ill advised
Thank You for joining me in raising our little boy
Thank You for being the wonderfully unique woman that you are

This lifes journey is only worth taking with you by my side.

In all the world I Love You Alone.


Cliff said...

Wow Mathias,

Always love reading you, but this was especially great! So what did your wife think? :)

Prerona said...

wow - this is really good :)

phatichar said...


velvetgunther said...

Wow, lucky you, lucky wifey

Mathias said...

I am flattered. Thank you all.

By the way...

She cried. :)

sURi said...

nice one dude...

Enemy of the Republic said...

Great poem, Mathias. So glad to see you here.