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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Jesus loves blood.
You know it
I know it

Only he doesn't.

So we give him some, everyday.
Pure thick and fresh.

You hate blood.
Jesus knows it.
So he gives you some,
and gives you more.

No,not his own
but from all those,
Who gave him theirs.

This is not the flood
that Noah knew
Do unto others
as they do unto you...

Jesus does.


Cocaine Jesus said...

i think, and without one of my favourite blog stars shooting me down in flames, that this is your best ever poem.
love it.

Inkblot said...

so long as it doesn't inflame any sort of religious passion or otherwise! My intention is not to offend and Jesus here is only symbolic...nothing to do with you either :P

sheacomments said...

He fake the whole crucifiction and ran to france with mary. As edward norton put it " jesus had it easy, a day on the cross, a week in hell, and the halaluyahs for all eternity

pomedome said...

very beautiful...bloody Christ...