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Friday, September 28, 2007

and she's the one with the curls...

i have always been absolutely terrible at sketching. and i know this isn't a great exception but i really like it. i do. any comments, suggestions, anything would be much appreciated! :)


cocaine jesus said...

brings to mind cruel virgin. i like it.

goldfluke said...

i like the vulnerability the face has: the over simplistic nature of the curls, am not too sure about.

The Dude said...

if i allow for a minor thing like the curls, this actually reminds me of the mona lisa in a comic strip recreation kinda way..
agreed youre not an artist, but if youre open to cartoons/comics strips you could do alright..

blow said...

now thats quite a compliment :)
thank you, cj!

i can work on that! i don't know how but i can find out. thanks! :)

the dude:
caricatures/cartoons etc have always seemed like the toughest of them all to me. i'm no artist, but i'm only just beginning! :D
lol.. thank you dude! :)

on_trial said...

People didn't like the curls??? I thought that was the best part.

Something about the left eye ball that's a bit off though...or maybe the line of the eye... but awesome all the same :)