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Saturday, July 21, 2007

one day

one day I might live
within a day
and breathe the colours
of a tangerine ray

sing a song, a happy song
and walk hand-in-hand
with the purple tree
around the bend

one day I might see
the seas refill
through my window
on the crimson hill

I might even kiss the sunlight
resting on the sidewalk
in shades of green
and yellow dreams

all I need is one day
that would fall in love with me
like I have fallen
in love with him


Ricercar said...

beautiful ...

blow said...

thank you :)

maxxo said...

very atmospheric. love the picture too. moody and brooding.

blow said...

thank you maxxo :)

i hang like a star; said...

hello. thank you for your comment on my blog. i tried to access your other one, but alas; it was not to be. :)

perhaps one day i shall live within a day as well. fingers crossed.