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Monday, January 08, 2007

Rusty Nail Lovers

I'm new here.So I hope I can contribute something unique and justify my invitation. Anyway, on with the show.

oiled streets in calm disregard. pleated footsteps sweeping away. or attempting to. color in the shadows as they stalk. dirty sneakers on the feet of dime store princesses.

dancing with the dirt between her toes. broomsticks in the snow. looking for fingers. shovels in the ice. missing the wind. tracing the blizzard with glassy fingers. diapering the dead children of so many moments that never could.

remember. any of the shit. or piss. you wiped off of their red, red asses when they were as helpless as you are since.

the treble of dustpans gathering fallen skin. like a ring waiting for someone to answer. the bass having already taken a new lover. only their voicemail to tell you it's over.

I love you's as comforting as a tetanus shot.


Tom Bailey said...

This is funny. Very different.

Cocaine Jesus said...

welcome, and do not worry about justifying your place here, this more than does that.

Anonymous said...


i was sincerely flattered to be included.

the amazing and crazy things people produce here are humbling.