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Thursday, June 22, 2006

the unspeakable

as the words float around
at some level, meaningless
i close my eyes inside my head
and listen to the real conversation

in the background: a requeim
to the ghost never laid to rest
the child we miscarried
but bore always

i watch a piece of me
flutter in the skies with joy,
at home again;
that's the one which was urs.

and in the foreground,
swinging back and forth between
formal and a little less.

by leaping hearts,
and peace;
and a link unseen.

all that we had once had been,
all we'd dreamed of being,
every moment we'd ever held,
and let go without weighing.

and everytime we'd stumbled in the dark
to tumble into the refuge of the other
and then, putting it aside,
carried on with life

and every death since then
and every wound since then
and every drop of blood ...
plays unheard, unseen in the background

and we say nothing at all
was us as unbreakable as we were?


Cocaine Jesus said...

the whole thing has a melancholia about it. a sadness that drifts along to your impeccable rythms.
i especially liked the penultimate verse with its cadence repitition.

Prerona said...

easier to weave with threads of sorrow than of joy ;)

just kidding ...

but it wasnt conceived in sorrow

it was conceived in a season of a very new, a very delicate, a very tentative spring ... that has come after a winter long enough that all other seasons became just distant memories ... like that

happy-happy, all in all :D

Cocaine Jesus said...

well, well, well. still think its perfect!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Perona, I just love the language here. It touches my heart.

Prerona said...

cocaine jesus, thank you :)

enemy of the republlic, thank you. thats a beautiful thing to say! :)