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Saturday, March 31, 2007

hailstone tea

hailstone tea
a patch of purple crocus
by the ninth green



Lyrically speaking said...

Your play of words are phenomenal!

JohnB said...

electrifying...when I first read this, I thought of myself sitting cross legged on a mound interrupting an immensely "important"...since, it has shifted and morphed impressions...

ravali said...

i don't get it, what's the ninth green?

Cocaine Jesus said...

good to see some of your haiku here.
good and bold as ever.

Little Onion said...

ravali - the one after the eighth but before the tenth

Lx said...

i like this too.
i imagined a continuation in which a booted, angry foot steps on it all.
i know, i need analysis.
and gin.