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Thursday, December 07, 2006



Enemy of the Republic said...

Oh, this is good. Guys, check out Discharge. It's a brilliant site.

Cocaine Jesus said...

of course i wasn't forgetting SPILLED TO BLOODLESSNESS nor MUSIC TO GROW OLD TO.
two more great team sites!

Prmod Bafna said...

Aye! I'll second that!! there is some smashing bits of work in there!! Carry on ye dark angels!!

Cocaine Jesus said...


RuKsaK said...

and Love is a Cunt - which has to rank as highly as 'Cocaine Jesus' does in terms of brilliance for a name.

Cocaine Jesus said...

ruk>>>but still NOT as good as discharge

Cocaine Jesus said...

ruk>>>love is a cunt is a damn good read and, if i am being less contentious, one of the better team sites but funny enough,and as much as i appreciate the sentiment behind the title of the blog and as much as this old punk CANNOT be shocked, i find the title childish. a bit like me twenty five years ago when i thought that by using what is often termed as 'bad language' gratuitiously and for effect i sounded cool. i didn't. i sounded stupid.
the site is great. excellent even and with some exceptionally talented people writing on it who i admire and respect (you amongst them) but the use of the word cunt as an abuse term is just so dated and so male. about time we used something less beautiful and delicious to curse with.

now discharge lets the mind work for its self and make of it what it will. and discharge is way more provocatice than any other site with both its title and its content.

no offense meant.