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Friday, November 03, 2006

Dying Season

I haven't posted here in a while... been too busy updating my regular blog. But here's a little something:

Sickly words drip off her tongue,
I turn my head and vomit.

He puts his arm around me,
I shrug him off with eyes of stone.

I invited them into my fortress of ice
and melted in the rain.

I fell apart,
so I pushed and ran away.

Repulsion escapes a grinning face--
Irritation evoked,
Emotions provoked
sadness for loss
full of remorse
of gardens portrayed
to always stay in bloom.

Winter is here,
the flowers have died--
I sigh...
count my blessings,
and move on with life.

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Enemy of the Republic said...

Hey, thanks for this!


your welcome e.o.t.r.! I post here what I don't dare post on my own blog, since those I write about may happen upon it.