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Friday, November 25, 2005

February 15, 2002

Think of Sisyphus, Mom,
rolling back the rock again and again.
Such a load to carry, but he bore it silently,
while disease ate his intestines, and
fever rose to his brain.
Why complain when it does no good?
Sentence rendered is sentence complete,
like the grammar you once taught.
Everyone else found something else to learn;
you just sank into the clay, while more
dirt piled up before your eyes.
None of this is over, sweet lady;
only you have the means to push
stone from stone into diamond.


velvetgunther said...

wow! you should promote this blog some more!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Wait until you see Cliff's writing--he is fantastic. Actually, I feel shy about this blog--I get weird about my poetry; I guess it is a lack of confidence. But thank you for the compliment.

Shilpa said...

That was awesome:) I intended to check out this blog earlier but only did it today..and last night i'd changed my template. Come here and what do i see? Visit my page and you'll know!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Thanks, Shilpa. I'm going to check ut your blog right now!

~River~ said...

This is good, enemy.

"Sentence rendered is sentence complete,
like the grammar you once taught."

--I like it!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Thanks River. I'm your disciple!