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Monday, December 15, 2008

Now, Steal This!

Hey Fellow Poets and Word People, I want you all to be aware that someone who goes by the name of Wilfred John, plagiarized one of my poems and posted it on I wrote to the website and they have since removed the poem, but it makes me wonder how many of mine and other people's poems have been stolen? It begs the question, how much of our work do we make public? In the meantime, the following poem is dedicated to the poetry and word thieves out there.

The ink is dry in your skull
You’re going through a lull
So what, if it’s bull
You’re going to steal a poem today

You stealthy slip through blogsphere
Snatch whatever poem you dare
For the poet you have no care
Because you’re going to steal a poem today.

You submit the poem in your own name
Lame, vain, you have no shame
You think it’s some kind of game
To steal a poem, to steal today

You post the poem on other sites
Pretending that you have the rights
Posing from false heights
“This is my poem!” You say,
“My poem.”

What kind of person steals a poem?
A fraud of mind all alone?
You have no words of your own
So today you went and stole a poem

Do you even understand what you steal?
Do you understand words meant to heal?
A poem is made for you to feel?
So how did you steal a poem today?

A poem
A poem
A poet’s own
Write your own poem
Leave us alone!

Copyright 2008 Chaya Silberstein

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fucking you.

Fucking you is

Plastic on the floor.

Armies in a lost battle

Death at my door.


A dog in my backyard

Pills for my pain

Beer in broken bottle

Wet paint and rain.


Aren’t I


Aren’t I


Am I


In love



Fucking you is

Piss in pot

Mellow come

A hooker’s snot


Fucking you is

High on hash

Gold teeth hustler

Faking Slash


Aren’t I


Aren’t I


Am I


In love.

Fucking you is

Acne creams

When I scream

Baby dreams


Breaking my jaw

Dirt beneath nails

Slitting my nerves

Ugly as hell


I’m too


And also


Not to mention


In love.

p.s.: Pardon me, it's a song.